Monday, August 31, 2009

Against Cultural Relativism « Dr. Watson's (Unofficial) YHC Philosophy Page

Against Cultural Relativism « Dr. Watson's (Unofficial) YHC Philosophy Page

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William said...

You had better have read this at least twice if not three times. All I can say is that this man missed his calling. Anyways I was interested in this word press blog post a soon as I seen it for all the reasons that he mentions in the post. The only problem I had is that I disagree with his last argument # 14 because to me it just does not make sense:"(14) Therefore, if relativism is true, then it is false.

It is also true that if relativism is false, then it is false. Thus, relativism entails its own falsity.

It cant be true and false at the same time correct? How does it or can it entail its own falsity? That part shot over my head. I must retake a logic course or maybe a series of courses to figure out exactly where this blog post is heading.......Otherwise??? Brilliant logical thinking pattern and I give A+ to the author. I would like to call him or email him and have him co-author my blog:)