Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stop Making Sense:Critical Thinking, Cultural Relativism, and Human Rights

This notion of cultural relativism; how its related to human rights, and to whom it really matters, proposes unlimited opinions and discussions. It really doesn't matter who you ask, your age , or your background, ethnicity, etc, etc, unless you have heard this "discussion" before now, how would you even begin to start to begin to make sense out of this blog whatsoever? Well, and in no way is this meant to insult anyone's IQ or anything crazy like that, but there has got to be a way to better understand how to "cut through" all of the gibberish and get to the "ingredients" in order to "bake the cake". Where am I going with this whimsical talk really? Well, to me its paramount that one develop what the "experts" refer to as "critical thinking" skills. Sounds easy right? Why then do you have to go beyond high school for umpteen years and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to become a "critical thinker". Is it even important? Well, you really don't have to. But it wont hurt you either. I think that it is something that you are born with; you just have to be able to "hone" your skills so to speak.
This post is all about a little presentation on developing and better explaining this notion of "critical thinking". The purpose I am presenting this to you my readers is so that you might see that it may be a good tool to enhance your skills or to just see what the heck he is talking about?
Please refer to the right sidebar(if you want to) and page through my post regarding critical thinking skills. I really hope someone, any reader of this post takes the time to do this exercise and then comment me on it. I have linked this page post to a site which explains this notion with much greater detail. I know if you read this much you will enjoy the site all that much more.


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