Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Multiculturalism and Cultural Relativism, On The Lighter Side?

When I first stumbled across this video I debated a bit before I finally decided to post it and talk about its content and what America thinks is so funny. Or at least what Maher does anyway. Bill Maher is regarded as one of the top comic/comedians of today's social circles so I am being told. So to hear him bring up such "touchy" cultural and political topics such as "Gitmo" and how he could care less about those 300 detainees even after we know they have literally been tortured and degraded beyond belief. (i.e water-boarding and such)and mentions of how western civilization is "better" not necessarily saying better than whom, but inferring that "when your TGIF is a beheading and its not a good thing to "get stoned", you know where he is going of course and that is to diss on radical and fundamentalist Islam belief systems. These are peoples true and real religious sacred doctrines. Even though they are completely opposite of Democratic value systems.
We in the "west" are not even close to really understanding or comprehending their cultural significance. All we know is that they are "archaic" at best and do not coincide neatly with modern human rights doctrine. Right?

You see where I am headed perhaps? I would be willing to bet, that a great deal of viewers would get a great big belly laugh out of this video not even really understanding what Maher is even tying to say. I am not so sure he does either. Irregardless; its his first amendment rights he is using and they are protected and sacred within our great countries constitution. I have posted his video on my sidebar to the right. See what you think if you care to. Is it really even a little bit funny? Maybe you will roll on the ground laughing who know? Anyways, this is my first post for September lets hope it is a good month and thank you to my readers and my followers of my blog as well as any new visitors!


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