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Truth is a Moral Value Too, Post Number 12

Truth Is a Moral Value Too

Although this is a really good article I am mainly concerned with post # 12. Thus the name of my post. The article itself has tones of racism and some adult content so please i let you know that if this offends you please pass this post up as it contains adult language and ideas. Nevertheless, the notions of cultural relativism run high and I have to talk about one particular response to the article:"But religious conservatives must lay claim to a renewed sense of principled engagement, not fiery rhetoric that fills up email accounts and heats up the conversation around the coffee pot at one’s local church. Stop talking of “death panels,” or “killing Grandma” and return to principled debate representing the same concerns of the past: liberty and rights, not baseless rhetoric."
This was basically the main point to the article in how to defeat President Obama from the Republicans perspective in a dialogue posted in the "New Majority" on September 9th, 2009. I thought alright, not so bad. There was talks of recruiting the "redneck voters and such and the rhetoric was really going as far as even getting the KKK and such. Literally racially brutal right here in the good ole USA.

What struck me even more than that was a post I call response # 12 to this article:

"escapevelocity // Sep 9, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Furthermore as regards the Redneck.

You can see that other cultures and peoples are respected and protected….even murderers and rapists are apologized for and attempted to be understood, what the “root causes” of their violence is….which generally leads back to pointing fingers at the Rednecks Western Culture….society made me do it.

So this is in effect an anti Western philosophical position.

But not all of it can be blamed on that…..though there is a lot of it going around especially on the more ideological Left. Some of it can be blamed on this notion of Orientalism….that we cannot criticize other cultures…because any criticism is merely a reflection of our Western bigotries and racism. This cultural and moral relativism….as opposed to universality of truth….can also be grounded in soft racism, which expects the white rednecks to be better and thus criticized….and doesn't have as high of standards for the darker skinned folks and non Westerners. This double standard is philosophically racist in its very foundation…and is very common on the Left.

Combine this altogether and you get the situation in Europe where the elites and Left have removed the ability of the indigenous cultures to defend themselves from colonization and Islamification….because any opposition to mass or chain migration….or imposition of assimilation…or criticism of Islam(Islamophobia) is countered as racist hate-mongering nativist rednecks.

Its appalling what is happening over there in Europe. Luckily we in the US don't have masses of Muslims on our borders…or it would be happening here too. We have the same issues with Mexican Catholics….however Catholic Mexicans aren't the existential threat to Western Civilization that Islam is….in fact they are Western not only because of their history and DNA, but mainly because of their fervent Catholicism. Their metaphysics and morality are the same (or similar enough) as ours….coming from the same heritage and ideology."

The same poster had several posts to this article which had consisted of 27 responses overall at the time I had discovered it. Anyways, what about what he has to say here?

When we criticize we have western bigotries and hatred right? OK, lets see what else, cultural relativism and moral relativism can be grounded in soft racism? What does that mean? Lets see we expect white skinned rednecks to be better and have lower expectations for dark skinned and non-westerners? To be better than whom? To be better than non-white skinned rednecks? I'm a little lost but trying to track.

OH, OK this is called a double standard philosophy of racism common on the left? Now I get it. Wait do I? hmmmmmm. Still pondering that one. Thank God we are not in Europe according to our friend right? All we have to deal with is our Catholic Mexicans which we have everything in common with(thank-God)!

Alright, here is a guy that's pro conservative but uninformed on many key issues.He is entitled to his first amendment freedoms like we all are of course. But his understanding of cultural relativism and mixed view of racist philosophy have me scratching my head and wondering why his view is like it is. Oh well, its good at least that he has a view anyways.


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