Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Social Culture in Texas, Blogging about Racism

Racism: A thing of the past. In Texas. : Greg Laden's Blog

When I discovered this post I thought to myself what I high ranking blog according to Alexa page ranking system on the internet, very very high. This blog enjoys a very high readership base with many links etc etc. Having said that I believed this short narrative to be worthy of a quick discussion. I'm not sure if my readers are aware of the Presidents recent speech to children about school. Anyways the author of the blog I have posted is from Texas. He goes on to remark about a social studies board member in Texas without indicating where in Texas and here are his remarks about the board members remarks:

"Regarding President Obama's speech to the school children of last week:

"Obama's speech contained plenty of propaganda, in both what was said and what was omitted. He told kids that they may face road blocks, such as discrimination. Really? It makes me wonder which kids he's speaking to, because I'm not sure of where in America minorities are facing discrimination in employment or education. What company won't hire non-whites? What schools won't accept minorities? What banks makes loan decisions on skin color?".

My comment: "Rather controversial speech to say the least right here in good ole Texas. Furthermore it gets better as the author of the blog goes on to quote the social studies board member:

"Let me reiterate. These are the words of a man specifically put on the school board committee to revise social studies standards. In actual schools. In Texas.

But wait, there is more...

"Obama didn't mention the fact that he's in favor of racial discrimination against the white students listening. He has already appointed a Supreme Court justice who is a big fan of racial preferences for non-whites and will no doubt make the problem even worse from the high court. Obama has made it clear he intends to do much, much more to expand affirmative action, racial quotas, and other anti-white discrimination."

These colored people really do stick together, it would seem."

And then back to me:

These are obvious right- winged social cultured, politically motivated, and racially under toned, remarks that this blogger has discovered about the social studies board member. As my background is in the social science field, I am unsure how such a hard line view about our President's decisions, can be so openly represented in any states school system is beyond me. But, it goes back to the notion of Federalism and shared Federal and state powers along with the First Amendment of our Constitution that gives men with extreme views such as this a voice in America. You do not have to subscribe to his views but of course you may present your counterargument of his views. This part was not brought up by the author of the blog. He just kind of leaves the reader "in the air" with relative shock. This always makes for good reading when you present controversial material. Maybe that is why his blog has such an extremely high page ranking, who knows right?

Anyways, the United States being as multicultural as we are, is not exempt from diverse cultural perspectives and differences.We will always have to keep tabs on ourselves and our perspectives of one anthers cultures and belief systems to maintain one of the greatest countries in the world!


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