Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The French and Islamic Dress, Do They Mesh?

France’s immigration minister is wrong to want to ban the burka and niqab - Telegraph Blogs

Ed West's Article published in the Telegraph Blogs pretty much criticizes the French Immigration Minister's notion that wearing of the burk and the niqab by the Islamic ladies, as part of there culture, should be outlawed is an outrage. Ed West announces his quote:

"As a result France, which has a more hardline attitude towards religion generally, is now taking things further, with a proposal by “hardline” immigration minister Eric Besson that face-covering Islamic dress be banned."

In America, not everyone is particularly fond of the idea but our own constitution speaks directly about freedom of religion which does not say what religion in particular it just means, and has come to mean, "all" religions. Thus we see Islamic women wearing this attire everywhere we look.

America people, knowing that America has become the melting pot of civilization, pretty much take it for granted, regardless of the amount of sacrifice Americans have made on foreign soils etc. etc., that happened to be Islamic. But, the French and in particular Europe, are not as open to immigration as the United States as we are. Ed West closes his article by saying:

France’s socialists and liberals are deluded in that they think they can separate Islamisation and demographics, as illustrated by Left-wing MP Andre Gerin, head of the government commission on burkhas and niqabs, who said: “We find it intolerable to see images of these imprisoned women when they come from Iran, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.”

Well, don’t let them come, then, is the obvious answer. Ultimately Islamic dress has spread in France, England and elsewhere only because unrestrained immigration has changed the dynamic of urban life, turning mixed areas into Muslim-only ghettos where French or English culture does not intrude. And ultimately any state that has to legislate for the clothing of its immigrant communities has to accept its immigration policy has failed."

Ed's comments reflect his personal opinion in that "unrestrained immigration has changed the dynamic of urban life". Well welcome to the rest of the civilized world Ed right? I can't believe after what we have learned of the refugee policy of great Britain that we can actually think that it is easy to get into Great Britain, and if so, how do you have to live if you are denied entry and live as a "ghost" or eventually returned to your country likely to face certain death? So is there really a problem with urban life and Islamic women dressed in there own attire relative to there culture? My opinion about Ed's article is simple, if you can not except other cultural practices if they do not intrude or encroach upon your own, than what is the point of working yourself into a lather over it, or spreading hate? That's just my opinion. But then again I am an American analyst looking from the outside in to his society.



lifechick said...

This is such a difficult issue. On the one hand, I very much believe in religious freedom. On the other hand, there is the question of choice in Islamic women covering themselves with headscarves or even burkas. Is this always done out of their faith, or because even living in a Western country, they are subject to the constraints placed by the men in their lives?

Ultimately, I don't think legislation of this nature is correct. Still, I would like to see more of an effort made to reach out to Islamic women in the West, giving them the opportunity (and safety) of embracing their right to more freedoms, if they so choose it.

Unknown said...

Lifechick, you just started on blogger this month? Your profile indicates your drawing quite a crowd! What brought you to my blog? Do you know me? Thank you for your comment. However, your blog interests are not quite in-line it would appear, with mine. However I appreciate you weighing in. I am quite surprised to see you here. Something does not add up. Your blog does not have appeal to me. Sorry.

If you care to answer my questions I greatly appreciate it, however, its a bit awkward for me to have you as a commenter on my blog-site.