Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cultural Relativity or French interference in religion?

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     If you click on the headline above it will take you to a most interesting short article. It has been some time since I have visited you as I have been busy with my manuscript which I have recently finished! It is entitled So Many Humans, Too Few Rights. It should be  available soon as I have entrusted it to my literary agent around a month ago..Anyways as to the title of my post!! The French as you know have limited the Muslim dress as a matter of security so as to allow the visibility of a a womans face on camera. Some Muslims and those that sympathize with their religious human rights have a problem with this.
So, is this a matter of cultural relativity, or is it a matter of human rights? Should a states sovereignty and leadership trump religious freedom?

     France has a considerable population of Muslims in relationship to their own native French European residents. It is apparent that the French citizenry do not seem to have any particular problem with the legislation. It is those that feel it is a human rights violation and the Muslim population that feel that they are being targeted because of their faith.
     Logically, the argument and justification for the French does make sense as a nation states priority from a political science perspective has been argued by many elite that a nation-states top priority is SECURITY.
However, also in-line with that, one of our own Presidents, famous in history of America, has been quoted as saying that an individual has a right to do whatever please he/she as long as it in no way interferes with the rest of the individuals of the nation together as a whole.Again it is the collectivity of a nation that makes it strong, not the divisibility.
     Every nation state must respect each others human rights! This will always be the side of the fence that I will take. But when it comes to the security of a nation state that must protect its citizenry, men, women, and children, then I will always take the side of safety of the people. We will have to think about the decisions here in America if it ever becomes an issue which I feel that some day soon it may become one. So, is it cultural relativity or human rights?


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