Monday, October 4, 2010

It is 1960, Can Cultural Relativism explain racism?

First I would like to say it has been a little over a year since I made a post to this blog or to my sister blog. "Global Human Rights Are For Everyone".
     But I have had several changes in my personal life and have been working hard on a manuscript. Anyways, I pose this link for you to follow. Please do not be offended in any way.....This is a mature readers blog so  I know we are all adults, therefore I am not  worried. Anyways, the question being asked really is rather a matter of cultural relativism. The answer is also a matter of cultural relativism offered up by an absolute icon to modern day human rights activist Martin Luther King. Please explore the short link, scratch your head for a moment, then come to your own conclusion. Was the King "off" with his answer do you think? Or did he actually throw his own people "under the bus" so to speak???

I will let you ponder this matter of cultural relativism as this is the subject of this blog.

Happy thinking and nice to see you back here!



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