Friday, August 14, 2009

The Statesman

The Statesman

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William said...

The Statesman:"but child rights advocates argue the reason for investing must be primarily because kids deserve it in the here and now ~ not just because society benefits in the future. But this is questioned by some cultural relativists who quite rightly point out that different cultures have different ideas of child rights. Some African academics ~ for example, Bame Nsamenang, Kofi Marfo ~ question the Western emphasis on preparing children for school. They argue it’s better to concentrate on rounded development and social values. Before researching the series, I hadn’t realized African educationalists have a distinct perspective to offer. Most of the scientific research on Early Childhood Development is done in the West, and there you go….but almost all the books about the implications are written for the benefit of Western parents."

Exactly the notion of cultural relativists between Africa and western culture explained from an educators point of view......interesting...